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Discover Janesville #8

*Janesville City Manager Eric Levitt speaks about the city budget, emerald ash bore and its cost.  Eric also gives the latest update on SHINE Medical and its plans to build a facility in Janesville.  

*US Senator Herb Kohl shares his plans for retirement and speaks in support of Tammy Baldwin and Rob Zerban.  20 minute mark 

*Rob Zerban running for Congress against Paul Ryan and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin speak at a canvassing rally in Janesville.  22 minute mark*Director of the new mockumentary “Janeane from Des Moines”, Grace Lee and star of the movie, Jane Edith Wilson, share their experiences and answer questions about the movie following the movie’s Janesville screening.  Jane Edith Wilson has appeared in TV shows such as “Seinfeld”, “ER” and movies including “Catch Me If You Can.”  43 minute mark

*Former US Senator Russ Feingold fires up the crowd of Janesville residents at an early voting rally in Janesville. 66 minute mark

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 80 minute mark

*Political correspondent, Cathy Myers checks in with the latest local political news and events around town.  84 minute mark

*Music correspondent, Eric Kuznacic updates us on upcoming concerts featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers, G Love & Special Sauce, and Kinetix.  101 minute mark

*State Representative Andy Jorgensen checks in about the state of his campaign. 119 minute mark

*On our controversial segment “Liz v. Wade”, Wade Hallett responds to stinging criticism from Vivian Creekmore, as he and Elizabeth Martiniak pick up last week’s discussion of women’s rights, and  cover the last debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. 130 minute mark


You may notice that this list is long. There are a couple of reasons for that: 1. It was a busy week in Janesville. 2. As strange as it may sound, I do not expect you to listen to the whole show.  I would love it if you would, but people are busy. I’d love to read every “Atlantic Monthly” from cover to cover but let’s be realistic. So, here is the first thing I would hope you will do: Look at the show as a weekly news magazine, available to you at no cost. Each show is full of information and this week, you can even hear Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl speaking in Janesville.  

Next, look at the list of interviews, pick the ones you really want to hear, first, and then come back for more later.  

Thanks for reading and listening.  Please tell your friends.

Yuri Rashkin

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