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Mark Freitag | Jason Dowd | Andy Jorgensen

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On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

Janesville City Manager Mark FreitagJanesville City Manager Mark Freitag was back to talk about the latest news in the city, address questioners from the listeners, and to share his opinions on the latest developments in Russia and Eastern Ukraine as a retired Colonel in the US Army.

Rock County Supervisor Jason Dowd stopped in to talk about the latest in the County, including the advisory referendums that will be placed on the November ballot, and why those issues are important and relevant to Rock County residents.

State Representative Andy Jorgensen called the show to give listeners the latest updates from the Capitol, his vision of a task force to address the state’s roads problems, and the issues that will be important to the voters in November elections.

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The Mailman’s Party

This Discover Janesville column will appear in Janesville Messenger on August 24th

A year ago, Janesville mailman Tom Hathaway, decided to throw a party.  Tom happens to live on his mail route and so he invited all his neighbors and customers for a get together.  To Tom’s surprise, over 200 people showed up and they had a great time.  This got Tom thinking.  A man who likes to take care of his neighborhood, and someone who walks the streets of Janesville for work every day, Tom decided that his party could be more than a neighborhood get together.  Tom decided to use his house party to make a difference in the community where he lives and works.

With this thought on his mind, Tom and friends have been working tirelessly for the past year to turn a neighborhood party into a huge fundraiser to benefit Janesville homeless.  Using social media and the network he built walking his mail route for 14 years, Tom found a lot of help, sponsors and now, to his relief, even port-a-potties, which were contributed by a sponsor.  Tom is taking the week of the big event off from work to make sure that everything is ready, and he is also making his home the drop off site for those who want to bring things either for the party or for the homeless of Janesville.

This has been a different effort from others we usually see because Tom is not associated with a particular nonprofit nor is he looking to raise money for one organization.  Instead, this year, on August 31st, Tom invited speakers from several organizations that serve the homeless in our community including Healthnet, ECHO, GIFTS, Project 16:49 and others, and asked them to come and speak, looking to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness.  In addition, the event will feature performances by local musicians such as John Splan, Pancake Riot and Penny Mae Dixon Band, food from several popular food trucks and even alcohol sales.  All with the purpose of raising money to benefit the homeless of Janesville.

For years Tom and his family wanted to do volunteer at soup kitchen for one reason or another it never happened, but when he started working as a mail carrier at postal services, Tom experienced first hand seeing his customers sleeping in cars.  Tom even had one customer who said that “she had to pack up all her stuff and move into a car.  I gave her a phone number and she found help.”  Tom said that the reason he wanted to turn his house party into a fundraiser was that “Homelessness affects everyone.  To me it’s just sad that it happens in America.  And it happens more than people think.  It’s not just adult males, it’s families, and it’s children.  They need our help.”

Because this is the first annual event, Tom and his friends are not sure how much money they will be able to raise, however, they do expect between 500 and a thousand people to show up at Tom’s house at 604 N Adams Street in Janesville.  When it comes to the impact Tom is hoping to have with the fundraiser, Tom expresses two main goals: one is that every one of the organizations involved will be better off then they were before the fundraiser, and also that people will decide to get involved with helping these organizations, having met and learned about them at the fundraiser.  Tom points out that while many of his neighbors and customers may already be involved with some of these non profits, many people don’t know what options there are to get involved to make a difference, and he is hoping to change that with the 1st annual Fundraiser to Help Janesville Homeless.

Dave Dyer | Richard Snyder

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On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

Community announcements: ArtsFest, Janesville Irish Fest, United Arts Alliance membership drive, Tom Hathaway and Friends First Annual Fundraiser to Help Janesville Homeless and more.

Dave Dyer called the program to talk about being a working comedian in the twenty first century, America, and about doing comedy poking fun at his family members.

Richard Snyder stopped in to talk about his upcoming presentation at Janesville City Council, where he and his group are hoping to gain council’s approval in renovating the old gas station next to Janesville Police Department building, turning it into a stained glass shop.  There, Richard would be making glass windows for the Oak Hill Chapel, for which community members have just raised $40,000 and City of Janesville contributed another $60,000 bringing the total to $100,000.

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Democratic State Senate Debate: Ringhand |Scieszinski | Sheridan

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On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

Janesville Community Radio is excited to bring to you the final debate of the 2014 primary season. Featuring the three candidates for the Democratic nomination for the 15th Wisconsin State Senate District: Janis Ringhand, Austin Scieszinski and Mike Sheridan. Live at 9 am CST on Monday, August 11th.

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Mike Reuter | Sen. Tim Cullen | Dr. Tom Eckert | Sean Knott, Kendra Story | Chinese students

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On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

2014-08-06 10.29.10Executive Director of Rock County Historical Society Mike Reuter speaking about the new Tallman Technologies tour starting at the Tallman House, as well as other upcoming opportunities, offered by RCHS, to experience and learn about history of Rock County.
State Senator Tim CullenState Senator Tim Cullen spoke about his experience serving the public, his thoughts on Act 10, and ways to reverse it.  Senator Cullen spoke about leaving the state with the other Democratic State Senators in 2011 and explained his reasons for doing so.  Senator also shared his opinion on the prospects of legalizing same-sex marriage and medical marijuana in Wisconsin.

Speaking about the August 12th Democratic primary, Senator Cullen criticized two of the candidates running for State Senate.  Senator levied particularly harsh criticisms against Mike Sheridan whom he accused of not accurately explaining the process of reapportionment to the public, and not being ready to be Speaker of Assembly when elected to the post in 2008, following a short time in the Assembly.  At the same time, Senator Cullen  offered a strong endorsement of his former aid Austin Scieszinski and predicted Mary Burke’s victory in November’s race for Governor of Wisconsin.

Senator shared his opinion on the news that Democratic State Representative Fred Kessler is financing ads out of his own pocket, opposing his one-time colleague in the Assembly, Mike Sheridan.  Senator also made clear his concerns about the other candidate in the State Senate race, current Assembly Representative Janis Ringhand who the Senator said, stated on Wisconsin Eye her continued support for the voucher program in Milwaukee.

2014-08-06 11.54.34Dr. Tom Eckert, President of Blackhawk Technical College came to Janesville Community Radio studio with Sean Knott and Kendra Story, co-chairs of Friends of BTC group.  Dr. Eckert explained that passing the referendum on August 12th, is the only way for BTC to raise its budget, and that due to Act 145 when one time state money came to replace local taxes, this year taxpayers will actually see a decrease on their property taxes for its BTC part.  Dr. Eckert made it clear that the $4 million increase sought in the referendum is a permanent raise to the base, meaning that money will be collected on property taxes year after year.  Dr. Eckert also explained the benefits of the money that would be generated through the referendum, where the money will be spent, and how it will benefit the community.

Kendra Story and Sean Knott, Co-chairs of Friends of BTCSean Knott and Kendra Story, co-chair the Friends of BTC, echoed Dr. Eckert’s point that referendum is the only way for BTC to increase its budget in order to provide the needed services as well as the overall value of BTC to the region.

Chinese students studying in Janesville

For the last 20 minutes of the program, 3 of the more than a hundred Chinese students – Bryan, Andrew and Chris – spending the summer in Janesville, discussed being in Janesville and going to Craig High School.  Students shared their experiences of living in Janesville, in particular going to the fair, seeing a rock band at a church, and the overall difference in speed between Chinese and American popular music (American music is faster).

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Stephen and Caron Pickering | Crystal Reinoso | Tom Hathaway

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On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

Stephen and Caron Pickering

Stephen and Cameron Pickering of DryWater Productions talk about running a film production company in Janesville, and their latest production “The Bus Ride” made for Project Greenlight.

Crystal Reinoso

Attorney Crystal Reinoso stopped in to talk about the upcoming Walk a Mile In Her Shoes event/fundraiser for YWCA and why it is important to bring awareness to domestic violence.

Tom Hathaway

Janesville mailman Tom Hathaway stopped in to talk about the big fundraiser he is putting together, looking to raise funds to benefit the homeless people of Janesville, and local organizations that provide needed services for the homeless.

In addition, music by Gallant Ghosts, and Yuri’s take on the primary election.

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At the Fair: Edmund Halabi | Amber Glass | Janis Ringhand | Jaysen Jorgensen


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Discover Janesville is at the Fair! On this episode of Discover Janesville:

Conversation with Edmund Halabi of the Italian House on everything from what’s good about the Fair to what should our immigration policy be.

Conversation with Basics’ Cooperative Amber Glass about a conference for cooperatives that she just attended, and the ideas she brought back.

Conversation with State Representative Janis Ringhand about the latest news from the campaign trail.

Conversation with Janesville Community Radio host at Rock County 4H Fair: State Farm Insurance agent Jaysen A. Jorgensen.

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