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Week 7: Yarn and fiber tasting / fire update

On this podcast, Yuri goes to Midwinter Fiber & Yarn tasting, and leaves feeling like the Alpacas are taking over. Also, update on the fire in Janesville that displaced 12 families. A bit of good news: the cat, thought he lost, survived! This and report from Basics on their 2nd International Food Tasting.Want to know more about knitting and stitching in Janesville?

Janesville Area Stitch n’ Bitch stitchers gather every Monday – 1-3 pm at the Italian House, corner of Racine and Randall Sts., Janesville OR every Thursday – 6-8pm., Basics Natural Foods Co-op, 1711 Lodge Drive, Janesville. The stitchers of mass discussion welcome needle-crafty people of all genders and ages. FREE lessons in spinning, knitting and crochet, advise and trouble-shooting. Never any membership fees nor requirements. For more information visit Janesville Area Stitch ‘n Bitch on Facebook,, e-mail, or call 608-752-9248.


Week 7: Entertainment Report

On this podcast of Discover Janesville we check in with Janesville Performing Arts Center Executive Director Elizabeth Horvath to see what is happening at JPAC this weekend (hint: go see Janesville Little Theater production of “Death of a Salesman”) and talk to our entertainment reporter Eric Kuznacic about upcoming concerts.

We start the program by checking in with a Janesville resident whose apartment complex was damaged in a fire, yesterday. Learn about how a community came together, and what you can do to help those displaced.

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Week 7: City Council forum

On this podcast, Discover Janesville presents exclusive audio of Janesville City Council candidate forum, which took place on February 19th at Janesville Noon Lions meeting. Candidates featured on this podcast: Sam Liebert, Doug Marklein, Bryan Fitzgerald, Jerry Smythe.Also, we check in with our political correspondent, Cathy Myers, the top vote getter in the February 19th Janesville School Board primary.

Finally, music by JAC award nominees Teresa Nguyen and Chandler Cook.

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DJ in JM: JAC awards celebrate creativity in Janesville

Here is the next Discover Janesville column.  Find it in Janesville Messenger this Sunday, February 24.
Did you know that there is an abundance of creativity in Janesville? It may seem hard to notice sometimes as we live our everyday lives, driving from a hair appointment (those who have hair) to a restaurant for dinner, or go see a band play at a bar, or send our child to school. Yet the creative spirit is alive and well in Janesville, and it comes in all shapes and sizes.

We have individuals who show their creativity by taking stunning photographs, and we have others who express themselves with delicious food. Those who will reach great heights and those who already have. As consumers, we enjoy all of it, yet as residents, we frequently overlook its presence all around us. May be it is the tourism phenomenon, in reverse: visiting new place, we may go to more places in a few days than locals will visit in a lifetime. When it comes to art, we seem to frequently value most that which comes from elsewhere. As if traveling a long distance makes something more worth our while. It only makes it a more rare commodity but not necessarily better than productions, musicians or art we can enjoy right here in Janesville and Rock County.

It is that spirit that United Arts Alliance, a local non-profit organization, supported by art-minded individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the county, aims to bring together to celebrate our community. For those who may not know, the organization was launched originally to convert Marshall school into Janesville Performing Arts Center and currently works to achieve the following goals:

1. To recognize and promote Rock county arts and artists with events throughout the year, such as Arts Hall of Fame, ArtsFest and Janesville Area Creativity awards.

2. To give those interested in arts of all sorts in Rock county, opportunity to network during our monthly meetings.

3. To help those looking to further their education in arts – be they young adults or not so young – finance their education through the UAA Scholarship fund.

Those who went to the 3rd annual JAC Awards at JPAC on Saturday night, were exposed to a wide range of creativity, where artistic accomplishments were celebrated at a light-hearted ceremony featuring performances by nominees, who included singers, dancers, treats from culinary artists, films and more.

The awards are broken into two categories: judged and people’s choice, and since the whole event is a fundraiser, proceeds go to UAA Scholarship fund. In fact, we were able to raise over $5,000, which will be a huge help to the organization as it looks to continue to provide scholarships and to look for more opportunities to promote arts in Rock County.

Every year some of the awards change. For example in the beginning there was a one-minute film award, but now UAA simply honors an outstanding local film produced in the prior year. Other categories don’t survive due to shortage of nominees. And that is where your help is so needed. As you go to local productions, check out local bands, or if your child has an amazing arts or music educator, nominate them for 2014 JAC awards! 

You can find the complete list of categories at You can also decide to check out the organization for yourself, and get involved with helping to organize the 4th annual JAC awards, which will take place at Janesville Performing Arts Center on February 8th. I guarantee you that you will leave the event feeling better about where you live.

Week 6: Russian Meteor, One Billion Rising & JAC awards

We begin the show by talking with former resident of Chelyabinsk, Russia, where a meteor exploded knocking out windows in three counties. Now resident of Wisconsin, Yulia Mielke wil share how her friends and family reacted to this potentially apocaliptic event.Vivian Creekmore shares the 2 things you need to know about violence against women.

Cathy Myers joins the program to update listeners on her campaign to win a seat on Janesville School Board.

This week we feature winners and nominees from 2013 Janesville Area Creativity (JAC) awards. On this podcast: Craig High School Jazz Band, Chris Kohn, and Jacob Schmidt with Jasmine Bianes of Parker High School.

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State of the Unions: Wisconsin 2 years after Act 10

Exactly two years ago, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker “dropped the bomb” and unveiled Act 10 aka “Budget Repair Bill”, which effectively ended collective bargaining in Wisconsin. On this anniversary, Discover Janesville brings you a panel discussion about the effects of Act 10 on the union movement and its ability to influence political process. Participating in discussion are Assembly Minority Leader Rep. Peter Barca (D) Kenosha, WEAC Vice-President Betsy Kippers and Martha Merrill, Lead Research Analyst for AFSCME Wisconsin Council 40. Special thanks to Walworth County Democratic Party for organizing this discussion.

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Week 5 podcasts

Welcome to Week 5 podcasts of Discover Janesville 2013!We begin this week with Education Report.  Featuring interview with Janesville School Board Commissioner Peter Severson on issues ranging from Act 10 and teacher handbook, to preserving the China program, and much more.

Following Commissioner Severson, Yuri was joined by Janesville citizen activist Julie Backenkeller, who put together a survey as a way to gather feedback, and to share her concerns with Janesville School Board.  In our interview, Julie, who has moved her children to a different school district, previewed some of the information she has gathered so far, and what her hopes are for the future of Janesville school district.

Week 5: Education Report


It’s time to catch up on what is going on in Janesville with our City Correspondent Dan Hartung. From roundabouts to school district, from successful local business featured on Superbowl pregame show to Rock County’s most wanted, catch it all on the next Discover Janesville. Also, featuring new musical performances by Cameron Pickering and Teresa Nguyen.


On this podcast, check out conversation with Jan Hoopes of Janesville Art League. Jan talks about the history of the organization and shares tales from the Art League’s past, including the $14 robbery. Tune in!

Week 5: Janesville Art League


Week 4 podcasts

Starting this week, you will be able to hear new Discover Janesville podcasts more frequently than once a week, and at the same time, each podcast will have a specific topic and will be shorter in length.The week started with a podcast that centered on local economy, as we discussed many of the latest developments with our City Correspondent Dan Hartung.  Check out the podcast to learn about the latest City Council and business news.

Week 4: Economic Report

Next podcast centered on Politics and Women’s Issues and it featured a live conversation with Vivian Creekmore, a local blogger, author of “Vivian’s Love Letters”.  Vivian just wrote a new blog post about violence against women, and we discussed whether the society cares about violence against women, or whether it only cares about violence against men.

Next, we spoke with our Political Correspondent Cathy Myers about all things political in Janesville, Wisconsin and beyond.

Week 4: Political Report

Final podcast of the week was the Entertainment Report where our Entertainment Correspondent Eric Kuznacic checked in with upcoming concerts.  Also featured our upcoming cultural events in the Janesville area.

Week 4: Entertainment Report

Thanks for listening!