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Snow storm and Christmas specials are here!

Listen to the SNOW STORM Special RIGHT HERE and

Listen to the CHRISTMAS special RIGHT HERE


Snow storm special featured conversations with our regular correspondents, Cathy Myers and Eric Kuznacic, and music involving end of the world, storms and holidays (what a mix, right?)We were also joined by our newest correspondent, Teresa Nguyen who updated the listeners on the cultural and community highlights of the weekend.

Of particular interest, is the interview with Dave Warren, owner of Dave’s Ace Hardware store in Milton, Wisconsin. Dave shared several great tips for business owners (and others) on how to effectively use Facebook to help your business or project grow and reach more people. 95 minute mark

Christmas special features piano music by yours truly, throughout, and performances from Stage One Town Hall Christmas, which took place on December 22 at Janesville Performing Arts Center.

Day Lillies: 5 minute mark

Pastor Bruce Gray: 9 minute mark

The Peyer Choir: 29 minute mark

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 36 minute mark

Winds of Kislev, read by Yuri Rashkin & Edie Baran: 50 minute mark

Ray Jewell: 60 minute mark

Anna Schuette-Reid: 66 minute mark

Why the Evergreen, told by Edie Baran: 72 minute mark

‘Twas Night Before Christmas, read by David Graham, 82 minute mark

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 89 minute mark

Heavenly Harp and Hammers with Anna Schuette-Red, Joan Heinze, and Nancy Hasse: 97 minute mark

I hope this season finds you well and in good company. Though it is not about the gifts, I hope you have received that which you were hoping for. As Discover Janesville is now done until January, I want to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this year in many different ways, and in the many different projects and endeavors I undertook. I look forward to more adventures that 2013 will bring and thanks for being along for the ride!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah, and Happy New Year!


DJ in JM: Moscovites in Janesville

Here is my latest Janesville Messenger column:

This November, around Thanksgiving, something very unusual happened: my cousin from Moscow, Sergei, who I haven’t seen in nearly 25 years, came over with his wife Lala, to visit.  Every night we stayed up catching up, but the cool part was that it felt like we never parted.  We picked up right where we left off, and he called me “old man”, once again, just like when I was 13. 

Since my cousin and his wife live in Moscow, and we live in Janesville, I wasn’t sure about what to show the visitors.  So what I decided to do, was to show them the America we live in, the best I could. 

We went to an American courthouse where I work as an interpreter, and sat in on different hearings.  On Sunday morning, we went to an American church where I work.  We went to an American nursing home where I play music and we went to my daughter’s parent teacher conference at an American school. 

My Muscovites were fascinated by all of it, but seldom for reasons I expected.  After exiting the school building, for instance, my cousin remarked how amazed he was that the money budgeted to build the school, was actually used to construct a quality building and not to line someone’s pockets. 

Still, most of our time was spent at department stores. Prices, selection and quality of products we get in Janesville are way better then in Moscow, and customer service here is infinitely friendlier.  Overwhelmed, visitors from distant lands wondered through the aisles at Kohl’s in some sort of a happy daze.  Then, after trying on different outfits and finding just the right size and color, they discovered the second joy of shopping: returning the merchandise.


Being able to return that which you purchased but for whatever personal decision decided not to keep, is a luxury that evidently was not familiar to Russian travelers. Speaking of which, the fact that in the middle of a cold spell, young women could be seen walking around, particularly on State Street in Madison, in mini-skirts, was simply astonishing to visitors from the north who are raised to dress warm! 

After he left, my cousin told me he started missing Janesville already in Chicago.  You see, he said, going to a supermarket and getting whatever you need at a reasonable price at any time, or enjoying a justice system that respects its own laws, or living in a society not rotten by corruption, is very nice and enviable.  I guess living in a fast paced urban jungle, even with its great variety of experiences and opportunities, can be tiring.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because in this season of celebration, shopping, travel, family and whatever other stress we have in our lives, having someone take a look at it from the outside, was surprisingly reassuring. And not even because of the selection of sausages in our stores, but by the extent to which store clerks are generally happy to help a customer, by the extent to which the justice system respects the process, and government cares about accountability.

No system in the world is perfect, but what we have in America is so much better then where many other people exist, it deserves a certain degree if not of gratitude, at least appreciation.  No roses grow in winter, unless you go to your neighborhood florist or grocery store.  They are always there, nice and fresh.  Stop and smell the roses, sometimes.

Happy Holidays!   

Back on JATV!

Discover Janesville brings its unique style of conversational interviews back to Janesville’s own JATV Channel 98.  Featuring local photographers, beginning with David Abb, the program offers conversations with local newsmakers and its regular correspondents who share the latest news about local politics, arts, education, and more.  you are invited to submit your work to Discover Janesville to have featured on the JATV broadcast.  

Discover Janesville #14


Conversation with City Correspondent Dan Hartung about the new union contracts, possible referendum on increasing property taxes, and sidewalks.

State Representatives Andy Jorgensen (D) 23 minute mark
and Amy Loudenbeck (R) 59 minute mark,

check in to update listeners on the latest developments in the State Legislature, their opinions on redistricting, right to work legislation, and Forbes magazine ranking Wisconsin #42 on its list of states good for business.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 49 minute mark

Madison-based journalist Rebecca Kemble speaks about her article in Progressive magazine, highlighting the State Senate committee led by Senator Tim Cullen, looking to reform mining laws in Wisconsin. 89 minute mark

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 109 minute mark

Cathy Myers announces her campaign for Janesville School Board.  118 minute mark

All that and music by Craig High School acapella, on the next Discover Janesville!

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Discover Janesville #13


Conversation with the new director of Rock County Historical Society Mike Reuter about his transition from Milwaukee to Janesville and what lies in the future for the Tallman house.
City correspondent Dan Hartung gets to the bottom of the water rate increase, fire department overtime, and the new business incubator.  18 minute mark
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 42 minute mark
Political correspondent Cathy Myers talks “fiscal cliff”,  updates listeners on the efforts to end same-day voter registration in Wisconsin, and shares with us the results of Rock County Democratic party elections.  50 minute mark
Music correspondent Eric Kuznacic previews upcoming concerts featuring music by High on Fire, Astronautilis and BoDeans.  70 minute mark
In “City Sounds”, highlights of the Diversity Action Team holiday celebration, where representatives of various cultures, shared their holiday traditions.  Learn about Uganda, Norway, China and Iran.  92 minute mark
Music performance by Al Hulick 120 minute mark
An encore presentation of “Farmer Fawns Over Fine China” by Jim Lyke and directed by Edie Baran, from the 24 hour Theater Festival at U Rock.  Starring: Pat Hall, David Graham, Yuri Rashkin and Paul Rubio.  127 minute mark

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Discover Janesville #12


Highlights from Marshall Middle School production of Seussical the Musical

Discover Janesville editorial in Janesville Messenger 9 minute mark

Announcements: 12 minute mark

Performance by Steve Doiel 17 minute mark

Political correspondent Cathy Myers updates us on upcoming local events, spring elections, the John Doe investigation, and more. 20 minute mark

Music correspondent Eric Kuzancic, previews upcoming concerts featuring music by Mac Lethal, DJ Shadow and Silversun Pickups. 38 minute mark

Sounds of jam session from the Swig in San Francisco. 58 minute mark

Announcements: 85 minute mark

City correspondent Dan Hartung, highlights the Assistant DA shortage in Rock County and talks about what proposed changes on fence placement, can mean for you.  91 minute mark

Music by local rap artist BlueFlame 112 minute mark

Christmas improvisation from the newly released live album by Yuri Rashkin “Christmas in San Francisco, 2012″  116 minute mark

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