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Discover Janesville #11


· Conversation about what the future holds for Republican party and the discussion on the proposed dress code for teachers in Janesville schools, with our correspondent Cathy Myers. Also, ideas for what to do between elections for those who love politics.

· Music correspondent Eric Kuznacic previews concerts in the area, featuring music by GWAR, The Four Bitchin Babes and The Brian Setzer Orchestra. 19 minute mark

Announcements: 33 minute mark

· City correspondent and co-editor of Janesville Community Page, Dan Hartung shares the news of an employer looking to create jobs in our area, the latest developments with SHINE Medical, and the decision by Janesville City Council to provide benefits to domestic partners of city employees. 38 minute mark

· Interview with co-owner of Medithin Weight Loss Clinic, Jeff Dedrick. The clinic has been helping its clients reach impressive results and is about to open a new facility in to Madison. 52 minute mark.

Announcements: 74 minute mark

· Psychic healer and Janesville resident, Kris Abelman, shares stories and perspective on healing. 82 minute mark

· The people behind a popular Janesville fetish/kink website. Join Yuri as he interviews Lady Becca, Sweet Devil Woman and the Lord.  99 minute mark

· The secrets of the Mayan calendar and arguments against involvement from outer space in construction, revealed by Professor Roland Rodell. 122 minute mark

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Discover Janesville #10

LISTEN RIGHT HEREThis week’s podcast features:* Part two of conversation with Simon Davison, who came to Janesville from Great Britain, to campaign for President Obama.  Here, Simon talks about the retreat center he is running, and his concept of The Relational Gold Standard.

*Co-editor of Janesville Community Page Dan Hartung checks in with the status of SHINE Medical, the latest on the sidewalks, the city budget, election impact on Janesville and the city website. 17 minute mark

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 35 minute mark

*Adam Rutherford shares with the listeners his expertise in Facebook marketing for businesses.  Adam gives practical tips on how to make your Facebook page do what you want it to do. 40 minute mark

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 53 minute mark

*Cathy Myers shares her thoughts on the election and its possible outcomes, doing live radio, as well as invites the listeners to check out the volunteer fair at JPAC, this weekend. 55 minute mark

*Beth Wheelock Tallon from YWCA of Rock County, checks in to give the listeners an update on what is going on at the YW these days, what surprised her when she first joined the organization, and the ways in which you can get involved and help out. 71 minute mark

*Roxanne (Roxie) Neat, is a folk performer from Stoughton,Wisconsin.  Recently, Roxie performed at Mocha Moment.  Discover Janesville is glad to be able to share two of her songs with you. 84 minute mark

*Pam Van Brocklin has been involved with the Friends of the Riverside Park for years, and today she gives us an update on the latest improvements in the park, and the group’s plans for next year. 91 minute mark

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 104 minute mark
*Dave Haldiman uses the community line (608-352-0287) to call in with his editorial on the possible effect of the 2012 elections: secession by the red states. 108 minute mark*Our music correspondent Eric Kuznacic checks in with his show of the year: the Turkey DubTucular featuring music by Passifire, Jon Wayne & The Pain, and Wookiefoot. 112 minute mark*”Liz v. Wade”  is back with contributors Liz Martiniak and Wade Hallett, talking about the results and lessons of presidential elections. Then, they address FEMA and the amount of control that states should exercise over this federal agency. 130 minute mark

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DJ in JM: Let’s break with "Footloose"!

Here is the latest Discover Janesville column in the Janesville Messenger.
Welcome back to Discover Janesville, the column! It will come as a surprise only to those who don’t know me, but I like live music, and specifically listening to live bands. And if you also like live music, you will agree that there isn’t much variety in what we hear at our local establishments these days, though some bands are clearly better than others.

On one night this past summer, I went to a local bar to listen to a band. They were pretty good, and as I was walking out the door, I heard the band play theme from “Footloose”. When I walked in to the other local bar where I was meeting my friends, 20 minutes later, there was a band playing there, also. Guess what: they were playing the theme from “Footloose”, as well. It’s not that it’s a bad song, I was just hoping for more variety, then to have two great local bands playing the same song on the same night at different bars in town.

There are several genres that can be hard to find in Janesville. Among these: original music, jazz, blues, and pretty much anything but classic rock, top 40 covers and country. The other night, I heard Jazzguise at O’Riley & Conway’s and couldn’t believe how unusual it felt to hear jazz music in Janesville. For that matter, I can’t really remember the last time I heard a band performing an original song.

Now, the entrepreneur in me says that we hear what the market supports, which explains the classic rock, top 40 covers and country that you can hear all over town on the weekends, but I am not entirely certain that that approach is totally accurate. There are enough people in the area who will go to a live jazz performance once a month, if only there was a local place to find it!

Still, the music scene in Janesville is one thing that I do like, and it’s not always about music. Being a working musician in town, allowed me to meet many new people with whom I would have a difficult time connecting were it not for music, including teachers, doctors, attorneys, business owners, and many others, all of whom play and write music in their spare time. Music brings us together, and having opportunities to perform means that it’s not only people who love the performer’s music who will come, but people who know these musicians personally and professionally.

Just look at Docs Who Rock which has sold out for 3 years in a row. Are these incredible musicians? Some for sure, but selling out Janesville Performing Arts Center takes more than talent. Being well-known in the community, and having many clients (or patients) is a huge plus. By the same token, why wouldn’t a club cater to a jazz group or a band performing original songs if the cost to hire a band are low and chances of band members bringing friends and building a following are not just good, they are an investment both in marketing, and in the future, for the establishment.

I, as much as anyone, appreciate the fact that there are still a number of places that look for live music, but in order for our community to make leap to the future, we need to make break with the past, and that’s where theme from “Footloose” belongs.

Discover Janesville #9


*Not sure about who to vote for on Tuesday?  You won’t be after listening to this interview with Simon Davison who came from England to knock on doors and to help ensure President Obama’s re-election.  This week is part one of our conversation centering on Simon’s view of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s likely impact on the United States and the world.  Next week, listen for part two when we will learn about Simon’s life traveling the world, serving as a head hunter interviewing executives for some of the top companies in the world, and running a retreat meditation centers in England and India.ANNOUNCEMENTS: 30 minute mark

* Co-editor of Janesville Community Page, Dan Hartung, checks in on the status of the parking plaza over the Rock River, discusses the city’s survey of residents, the future of the city’s parks, and weighs in on the question: are there enough coffee shops in Janesville? 39 minute mark

ANNOUNCEMENTS  30 minute mark

Link to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with musical accompaniment by Yuri Rashkin from October 30, 2012 performance at Raven’s Wish.

* Poltical correspondent Cathy Myers, updates us on the upcoming elections and all the events and rallies between now and Tuesday. 61 minute mark

* Music correspondent Eric Kuznacic tells us about upcoming concerts. 76 minute mark

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 90 minute mark

* In the “Liz v. Wade” segment, Liz Martiniak and Wade Hallett start by disagreeing about what Obama or Romney administrations will mean for America, and proceed to arguing about the issue of race and the role it plays in presidential politics. 99 minute mark

* Finally, Vivian Creekmore author of the blog “Vivian’s Love Letters” joins us to share her thoughts on Wade Hallett, and whether she will ever be able to talk to Republicans about politics, again. 127 minute mark

All that and music by Soul Assylum, State Radio and Pentatonix

More Announcements:

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DJ in JM: Are there enough coffee shops in Janesville?

Discover Janesville is not just a radio podcast, it is also a column in the Janesville Messenger.  Here is the first column, which appeared in the October 28th edition of the Messenger.

“Welcome to Discover Janesville, a new addition to the Janesville Messenger. As the author, I get to pick what the subject of each column, but more than likely, it will be about Janesville and Rock County. Some of you may be familiar with the name “Discover Janesville” because when I first got on the Council, in 2008, I looked around and was amazed because for all the bad news about the economy, I kept meeting so many people, who were playing a leadership role in our community, people who were determined to make Janesville a better place. I wanted to shine the spotlight on these people, and for 3 years, I hosted a program, which you can still view on the internet, interviewing people making a positive difference in our community. A few weeks back, I brought Discover Janesville back, but this time, as a newspaper column, and as a regular online radio talk-show.

Life, these days in Janesville is a mixed bag of slowly improving economy, political polarization (which really just means that people who disagree politically, look at the world through completely different sets of lenses) and a constant stream of community events. From high school sports, to theater productions, from political rallies, to non-profit fundraisers, from neighborhood revitalization efforts to church festivals, the list of ways to stay busy and entertained is nearly endless. What I look forward to covering in this space, and on my radio program, is the variety of experiences that make up living in Janesville. Not to mention our great location, which allows local residents to go and see shows and festivals in Chicago, Madison, Rockford and Milwaukee.

Today, I would like to raise a question is I feel warrants greater discussion in our Janesville: are there enough coffee shops in town?

Janesville is not that different from other places, where much business is done in the coffee shop setting. It is an inexpensive way to get together with a friend or a business contact at a neutral location.  No need to clean up the house or worry about having no office outside of the one in your basement.  Now, there are clearly quite a few bars in town, and I do not intend to ignore the reality that much business is done there as well. However, it is the coffee shop that functions as that virtual office and meeting space, and we could stand to have more of these in Janesville.

Mocha Moment is wonderful and quaint, but it can also be crowded. Starbucks near the IHOP, looks like its doing bulk of its business in the drive-thru lane and the small space inside is frequently packed.
There are finally more than one coffee shop in the downtown with 29 South Main, and Lemonade Coffee practically across the street from each other. Java Joys is still being missed, and GR’s Sandwich Shoppe (the latest venture of Georges Hanna, best known for his”Metropolitan” restaurant) on East Milwaukee, is a welcomed up-and-comer. Still, in a city of 60,000 residents, we could stand to have a few more outlets where people can gather, listen to music and have a warm (or an iced) caffeinated (or not) beverage. If you still don’t believe me, just walk into Mocha Moment when it is taken over by a book club, and you will agree with me. Seems like what we need is either for Mocha Moment to open a second location, or for the rest of us to support all the coffee shops we already have in town.”