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Discover Janesville #8

*Janesville City Manager Eric Levitt speaks about the city budget, emerald ash bore and its cost.  Eric also gives the latest update on SHINE Medical and its plans to build a facility in Janesville.  

*US Senator Herb Kohl shares his plans for retirement and speaks in support of Tammy Baldwin and Rob Zerban.  20 minute mark 

*Rob Zerban running for Congress against Paul Ryan and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin speak at a canvassing rally in Janesville.  22 minute mark*Director of the new mockumentary “Janeane from Des Moines”, Grace Lee and star of the movie, Jane Edith Wilson, share their experiences and answer questions about the movie following the movie’s Janesville screening.  Jane Edith Wilson has appeared in TV shows such as “Seinfeld”, “ER” and movies including “Catch Me If You Can.”  43 minute mark

*Former US Senator Russ Feingold fires up the crowd of Janesville residents at an early voting rally in Janesville. 66 minute mark

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 80 minute mark

*Political correspondent, Cathy Myers checks in with the latest local political news and events around town.  84 minute mark

*Music correspondent, Eric Kuznacic updates us on upcoming concerts featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers, G Love & Special Sauce, and Kinetix.  101 minute mark

*State Representative Andy Jorgensen checks in about the state of his campaign. 119 minute mark

*On our controversial segment “Liz v. Wade”, Wade Hallett responds to stinging criticism from Vivian Creekmore, as he and Elizabeth Martiniak pick up last week’s discussion of women’s rights, and  cover the last debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. 130 minute mark


You may notice that this list is long. There are a couple of reasons for that: 1. It was a busy week in Janesville. 2. As strange as it may sound, I do not expect you to listen to the whole show.  I would love it if you would, but people are busy. I’d love to read every “Atlantic Monthly” from cover to cover but let’s be realistic. So, here is the first thing I would hope you will do: Look at the show as a weekly news magazine, available to you at no cost. Each show is full of information and this week, you can even hear Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl speaking in Janesville.  

Next, look at the list of interviews, pick the ones you really want to hear, first, and then come back for more later.  

Thanks for reading and listening.  Please tell your friends.

Yuri Rashkin

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EXCLUSIVE: Kohl, Baldwin, Zerban speaking in Janesville

Today, US Senator Herb Kohl, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and US Congress candidate Rob Zerban appeared at a Janesville canvassing location and spoke to volunteers. In an exclusive interview with Discover Janesville, Senator Kohl spoke about his plans for the future following his retirement from the senate. In his speech, Senator Kohl said that he confirs the title of “People’s Senator” to Tammy Baldwin.

Discover Janesville #7


* Co-editor of Janesville Community Page Dan Hartung fills us in on what is going on with the city budget, school district’s attempt to lower taxes, what local businesses do to effectively promote themselves using social media, and together we debunk some of the urban myths about people from other countries who own businesses in Janesville.
* UW Rock County CEO and Dean Carmen Wilson, talks about the newly created Dean’s Community Council, and the upcoming market study on the possibility of building dorms on campus.

* Our music correspondent, Eric Kuznacic previews upcoming concerts featuring music by bands with great names like Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Roster McCabe and Matisyahu.

* We begin our series of talks from Janesville Noon Lions club, today featuring Lion Al Bates (aka Judge Bates), speaking about the Wisconsin Nicaragua Partnership and the amazing story of a live that was saved by Janesville doctors.* Milton teacher, Mike Hoffman previews the upcoming Children’s World Impact concert at Charming B’s coffee shop, and talks about the little non-profit from Elkhorn that built a shea butter processing plant in Ghana.

* Staci Abrahamson shares with us breaking entertainment news involving Guys, Ice and the Janesville Performing Center.

* Turning to politics, Cathy Myers talks about upcoming events in Janesville featuring Tammy Baldwin and Russ Feingold, gives advice on what to do on election day in case anyone has problems casting their ballot, and we discuss the latest attack by Joe Knilans against Deb Kolste in the race to represent  the 44th Assembly District.

* Yuri previews of a new mockumentary “Janeane from Des Moines”, which will be screened on Thursday, October 25th, at Basics, on tour of swing states, featuring Q&A with director Grace Lee, and actress Jane Edith Wilson.* “Liz v. Wade” get personal arguing about contraception, Planned Parenthood, abortion and Viagra.

* Ryan Schroeder, who is running against Rep. Amy Loudenbeck in the 31st Assembly District, joins us to talk about why he is running, his experience, and the important issues in the race.

All that and music by the Jazzguise and ABBA on the Discover Janesville podcast #7.

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Discover Janesville #6

Featuring:Broadcasting from Lemonade Coffee in Hodge Podge Place on the Janesville Mile.

*Conversation with our political correspondent, Cathy Myers about “As Goes Janesville”, upcoming events, union / school board politics, and Tammy vs. Tommy.

*Reaction by Jim Reif, one of negotiators for teachers in Janesville School District, to Janesville School Board refusal to negotiate with teachers on any concessions. 19 minute mark

*Discussion with Dan Hartung aka Janesvillean, about city budget and As Goes Janesville. 31 minute mark

*Report on upcoming concerts, with Eric Kuznacic, featuring music by Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, Flobots and the Wallflowers. 44 minute mark

*”Liz v. Wade” starts with discussion of unemployment, and hits on auto bailout, whether Wade would follow President Obama across the street, and who has the right to criticize the military. 63 minute mark

*Vivian Creekmore reports from the site of the Biden/Ryan debate watch party at the UAW hall, and explains what Paul Ryan would have to do to earn her respect. 85 minute mark

*Behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Stage One production of “How I Learned To Drive” by Paula Vogel. 96 minute mark

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Discover Janesville #5

*Discussion of Rep. Joe Knilans backing out of League of Women Voters debate, featuring reaction from Deb Kolste and Representative Andy Jorgensen.

* Political report from Cathy Myers covering activities in Janesville.  Cathy recaps local reaction to the first presidential debate, describes Tommy Thompson as a bully, and talks about the race between Representative Janis Ringhand and Beth Schmidt in the 45th Assembly District. Cathy also lists upcoming opportunities for progressives who want to get involved in the local, statewide and presidential political races.

*Discussion of upcoming comedy concerts with Eric Kuznacic, featuring the comedy of Dana Carvey, Jerry Seinfeld and Weird Al Yancovic, LouisCK is also coming to Milwaukee but we couldn’t find any “clean” audio of him to play on the show.

*Update from Executive Director of Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, Christine Rebout about the upcoming Art Infusion… along the Janesville Mile, a chalk art festival, happening in downtown Janesville this Saturday and Sunday!  There is also a free class today at Helen Jeffris Wood Museum at 5:30 pm for those who want to learn more about painting with chalk.

*Jim Lyke checks in, while in costume and make up and waiting to go on-stage, about the 3-man play “Guys on Ice”, he’s doing at Beloit Civic Theatre.

*Wade Hallett and Elizabeth Martiniak wasted no time locking horns over whether the auto bailout was a good idea or not (among others), while Elizabeth expressed her deep disappointment with how the President chose to handle Mitt Romney’s attacks.

*Parker High School History teacher and blogger, Steve Strieker shares his concerns about the state of education and says there are so many students in his classes, he has ran out of desks and sat a student at the teacher’s desk.  Steve calls student poverty to be the biggest problem facing the district.

*Finally, a conversation with Janesville resident Ryan Skinner, who on his quest to document the supernatural, has extensively traveled, including making several trips to the state of Utah, where Ryan believes, an area important for his research, is located.  In our interview, Ryan shares dramatic details of his encounters.

*All that and music by Emerald City, Category X (coming to Tremors this weekend), and Weird Al, coming to Milwaukee.

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