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Discover Janesville at Janesville Fire Station #1 – Dennis LeCaptain

Dennis LeCaptain is a detective with the Janesville Police Department specializing in crimes against children, and he is also the President of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association. In our conversation, Dennis shared what it’s like to be a cop on night beat, which he during his first 9+ years with the JPD. Then, we talked about what Dennis does now as a detective. Please take a look as Dennis gives some great insights into what goes on in an abusive relationship, the 2nd part of the interview has some particularly good information. We also talked about what is required of a police officer and of the importance of treating people with respect.

Dennis LeCaptain part 1

Dennis LeCaptain 2

Discover Janesville at Janesville Fire Station #1 – John McManus

I wanted to do a show that highlighted people who work in Janesville’s Police and Fire departments. Thank you to both departments for making it so easy!

John McManus and I have talked in the past and I was glad that John was going to be able to join me on Discover Janesville. John was going to be on duty that day but I had little idea of what that actually meant until in the middle of our conversation.

John told me about what it’s like being a fireman. He talked about having the trust that our firemen receive. And he talked about the excitement of having to be a constant learner because there’s so much that our fairly small fire department is asked to do.

And then a man walked in with chest pains, and John got up and basically saved the man’s life. A few minutes later he came back and we continued our conversation. It was incredible and almost ordinary all at the same time.

Thank you John, and thank you to our firefighters who save us from fires but really do so much more than that.

John McManus 1

John McManus 2

Discover Janesville at Speakeasy – Frank Fiore

I’ve known Frank for sometime and he is not only a great musician and a guitar instructor but always a fun person to talk to. For our interview we sat down and talked about what it’s actually like to be a working musician in Janesville. Perhaps surprising to some, Janesville’s location plays a big part in what a musician can do – gigs in Madison, Rockford, Milwaukee and even Chicago are not out of the question. Frank always puts on a great show and if you have a chance – go and check him and his band out at your favorite local coffee shop or bar.

part 1

part 2