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Looking for guests!

As I work through ideas for future episodes of Discover Janesville, I find myself calling on my friends to suggest future guests for the show. This only makes sense as I have only been in Janesville for a few years now and do not know everybody. Yet. :)

Thus, I’d like to ask you to suggest ideas for future shows and guests. In the meantime, I’d like to share with you some of the upcoming
So here are some of ideas for future shows:

Visual Arts – Who do you think are the most accomplished Janesville artists?
Sports – Who do you think personifies Janesville sports?
Coolest houses on the market – Of all the houses on the market in Janesville, what are the 3 coolest ones?
Business Legends – Who do you think are the legends of Janesville business?
Future Leaders – Who do you think are the future leaders of Janesville?
Automotive History – Who do you think are the people that personify Janesville’s auto history?
Education – Who do you think are the leaders in Janesville education?

NBC 15 features Discover Janesville!

Posted Saturday, October 17, 2009 — 10:40 p.m.

It started as a good idea… but quickly turned into a dream come true.

It’s a TV program called “Discover Janesville” that showcases the city and makes sure people who are out of work know they don’t have to leave to find a job.

Janesville council member Yuri Rashkin is the host of “Discover Janesville, ” which airs once a month on the city’s public access station and you tube.

“It also introduces to Janesville outside of the community who are maybe looking at Janesville, considering whether to move their big company here or just to live here,” Rashkin said.

Saturday, they recorded episode number 11, focusing on city services like fire, police and transportation.

Every month, the show also includes an interview that focuses on jobs.

“Right now because of the economic situation in Janesville, the workforce development board plays a very important part in trying to help people make the transition from where they were in manufacturing to what could be next, ” Rashkin said.

The Janesville farmers market is celebrating their 5th anniversary. Organizers tell us five years ago they were lucky to get 10 vendors and now they are full, at more than 40. Just one example of how the city of Janesville has grown.

The farmers market was one focus of “Discover Janesville” last month – and it’s made a difference.

” I think the local theme… buy local eat local… has really taken off and really helped promote and support this market, ” said Teri Huber

It’s every Saturday from 8 to 1 on Main Street in downtown Janesville, and Teri says it’s something people in this city are proud of.

“I’m hoping that maybe Discover Janesville and other projects helps people feel more pride about where they live. Because when you learn more about people you live next to that’s how you feel more sense of a community and hopefully more sense of pride,” Rashkin said.

The organizers continue to hear how Discover Janesville has helped local businesses get a boost and the sponsors plan to continue their support.

The program also had a huge financial boost from Alliant Energy hoping that will encourage other sponsors to jump on board.

NBC 15 features Discover Janesville!

Sarah Carlson of NBC 15 in Madison came down to the taping of Discover Janesville and did a great story about the program, which aired on the evening news both at 6 pm and at 10 pm. Here’s the story

Watch the video of the story right here

The show itself turned out great and I can’t wait to be able to post the finished footage.

My first guest was Sue Melton from the Janesville Area Conventions and Visitors Bureau. Sue’s interview was also sponsored by the Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board because prior to becoming a marketing professional, Sue was a welder, first at Beloit Corp., and then at another company in Evansville.

Other guests were Dennis LeCaptain of the Janesville Police Department, Gary King of the Janesville Transit System and John McManus of the Janesville Fire Department.

Discover Janesville at Speakeasy – Aaron Keim

Originally from Janesville, Aaron is a multi-instrumentalist who lives in Colorado and plays with the Boulder Acoustic Society. Aaron also has a Master’s Degree in Musical History and he manufactures ukuleles. In our conversation, Aaron talked about growing up and working in Janesville and support he received from the Janesville community while developing his musical skills. Eventually our conversation shifted to talking about teaching and learning from others using the internet, which can be done from anywhere, and of course about the joys of playing a ukulele. Enjoy!

Aaron Keim part 1

Aaron Keim part 2

Discover Janesville at Speakeasy – Theresa Carroll

At daytime, Theresa Carroll is a mild-mannered associate at Bliss Communications, but at night, Theresa sings with Bop Ritual, a local rock/funk band. Our conversation centered on the value of expressing yourself, and remaining true to the things that are important in our lives. What I expected to be a good interview, turned out to be a great conversation. Enjoy!

Theresa Carroll part 1

Theresa Carroll part 2

Discover Janesville at Speakeasy – Caleb Burhans and Grey McMurray

Episode 10 of Discover Janesville was filmed at Speakeasy and the interviews will be posted up on YouTube over the next couple of weeks. Huge “thanks” goes to everybody at Speakeasy.

The first interview is with Caleb Burhans and Grey McMurray. Caleb spent his formative years in Janesville and is now a recording artist in New York City. Together with Grey McMurray, they comprise the “itsnotyouitsme”.

Our interview centered on what it was like to grow up in Janesville, to be from Janesville and be living in New York City, the value of community and self expression. We had a great conversation and I hope that you will find these interviews entertaining and perhaps inspiring.

Caleb Burhans and Grey McMurray part 1

Caleb Burhans and Grey McMurray part 2