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Discover Janesville at Roosevelt Elementary

Here is the latest episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin, featuring interviews with Becky Weber Johnson, Lynn Karges, Earl Gretschman and Pam Good! We filmed this episode at the Janesville’s Roosevelt Elementary, a historic building with memories going back 77 years when the building was originally constructed. Many thanks to Mrs. Langston whose room we used!

Our guests:

Becky Weber Johnson is the president of the Spotight on Kids, which is a childrens’ theater. Becky is also involved with other projects including teaching sunday school, working for an insurance salesman and WCLO, scrapbooking and running Janesville Rental with her husband. How she finds the time is beyond me! In our interview Becky talks about the Spotlight on Kids and the upcoming production of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (July 17-19 at the JPAC), as well as about the value of theater to children.

Becky Weber Johnson part 1

Becky Weber Johnson part 2

Dr. Lynn Karges has been with the Janesville School District for 38 years and a principal of Roosevelt Elementary since 1991. She has made a tremendous impact at Roosevelt, as well as on the entire district and is now about to retire. Last year when my relatives came to visit from Russia, getting a tour of the Roosevelt Elementary by Mrs. Karges was the highlight of their trip. In the interview, Dr. Karges shares her perspective on her experience of working with the Studer Group as well as her opinion on various issues such as paying kids for good grades.

Dr. Lynn Karges part 1

Lynn Karges part 2

Lynn Karges part 3

Pam Good was employed by the General Motors plant in Janesville until its last day in December of 2008. Now, Pam is going to school and she shares her experiences as she looks forward to new accomlishments. This interview was underwritten by the Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board.

Pam Good

Earl Gretschman was also formerly with the General Motors plant in Janesville where he worked for 43 years. Having newly acquired a CDL license, Earl looks forward to the future as a retiree and perhaps as a commercial truck driver. This interview was underwritten by the Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board.

Earl Gretschman