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Discover Janesville at Rock County Historical Society

Another episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin is edited and ready for broadcast! It features interviews with:

Ed Martinez
Jim Lyke
Madge Murphy
Geoff Parker

The interviews have been posted on YouTube and the entire program will be broadcast on JATV next week.

Our first interview with Ed Martinez is underwritten by the Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board.

Ed Martinez is Employment Training Specialist at Rock County Job Center. Ed has a long history helping workers in Janesville and in Rock County through his many years of working at GM and being active in the community. In the interview, Ed discussed various programs available for displaced workers looking to retrain, but he also shared with us his personal journey, going from working at GM to helping others make the transition.

Ed Martinez 1

Ed Martinez 2

Jim Lyke is a writer, actor and a man about town. He’s also a great guy who knows a lot about Janesville’s history. We talked about his play “Janesville in Stages”, documentary “Janesville in Reel Life”, which featured footage shot in Janesville by a traveling film company in 1940.

Jim Lyke 1

Jim Lyke 2

Madge Murphy is the executive director of the Rock County Historical Society. We talked about the Parker exhibit, as well as about some of the upcoming events at the RCHS, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth.

Madge Murphy 1

Madge Murphy 2

Geoffrey Parker, author, historian, manager of the Parker Family Archives. Grandson of George S. Parker who started the Parker Pen Company in Janesville, Mr. Geoffrey Parker was in town for just a couple of days to help promote the Rock County Historical Society’s Parker Pen exhibit. We were able to sit down for a conversation that was both entertaining and educational. For instance, did you know that George S. Parker and Frank Lloyd Wright were involved in a correspondence?

Geoffrey Parker 1

Geoffrey Parker 2

WAPC Award of Merit

I’m very proud to say that Discover Janesville was awarded an Award of Merit from the Wisconsin Association of PEG Access Channels (WAPC).

I can only presume that it had to do with the great guests, and the professionalism of Robert Jarzen who was handling the cameras, microphones and lights simultaneously.

Thank you!

Discover Janesville at JPAC

The next episode of Discover Janesville is ready to be broadcast! It was taped at the Janesville Performing Arts Center and features interviews with…

Emily Gruenewald
Edie Baran
Ron Brown
Rob Phelps

The interviews have been posted on YouTube and the entire program will be broadcast on JATV this Saturday and Sunday (March 7 and 8) at 12, 5 and 10 pm.

Emily is the new Executive Director of the Janesville Performing Arts Center. The conversation centered on the JPAC, its users group, its history and goals. We also talked about how Emily arrived at this exciting stage in her life, and about what its like to take reigns from the original Executive Director of JPAC – Laurel Cannan.

Emily Gruenewald Part I

Emily Gruenewald Part II

Edie Baran – Freelance Drama Director and Instructor – has been involved in many artistic organizations in Janesville, including founding the Spotlight On Kids. Last year Edie was inducted in the United Arts Alliance Hall of Fame. We talked about the value of the arts to adults and children, and about how each one of us really is an Artist.

Edie Baran Part I

Edie Baran Part II

Ron Brown is an Actor who’s been involved in at least 65 different productions. We talked about some of his most favorite parts, about the value of theater and community theater and about the tradition Ron has of giving flowers to all the women in the shows Ron acts in.

Ron Brown Part I

Ron Brown Part II

This part of the show is underwritten by the Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board.

Rob Phelps was laid off from the Lear Corporation, and is now attending Blackhawk Technical College, looking to become a professional chef. We talked about the experience of what Rob had to go through, about his determination to make a better life for himself and for his family, and about how everything in life has a purpose and a reason. Rob has a great sense of humor. My favorite was when he said that you can’t wait for the “Job Fairy” to come to you. Ain’t that the truth!

Rob Phelps Part I

Rob Phelps Part II